What is MRT - MRT en Sport
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Repairing motor skills, enjoying movement, having fun interacting with others, awareness of skills with the link to cognitive functioning and social and emotional functioning.


Common causes of learning and developmental difficulties in children

  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Resolve


Motor Remedial Teaching, or MRT, offers the child the option to repair their underdeveloped motor skills, which has a positive influence on motor concentration, reading, numeracy and writing conditions, social and emotional skills.


Focused practicing for catching up with the motor skills. This catching up has a positive effect on their behaviour, concentration and learning disabilities.


Motor Remedial Teaching improves

  • notion of the body
  • spatial orientation
  • sense of time and space
  • social skills
  • emotional development


Carlo Hollants works with children as Motor Remedial Teacher on their developmental difficulties.