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Carlo Hollants

  • Sports Teacher
  • Motor Remedial Teacher
  • Teacher training course MRT (method Wil van Rijn)
  • Trainer Associate Program MentesMe

It concerns me

It concerns me that children are given the opportunity, and if necessary the help, to develop optimally.


It concerns me to, when and where possible, make a positive contribution.


It concerns me that there is focus on motor development within the direct surroundings of the child; home, daycare, school, sports club.


It concerns me that there is focus on the motor skills of the child in relation to its cognitive functioning.


It concerns me that teachers within the primary education system have the sufficient skills to be able to monitor children in their motor development.


My work as MRT

For many years now I have worked as a Motor Remedial Teacher. I practice within the field of primary education and also directly with private clients. On a daily basis, I work with children who are undergoing problems with motor development. These problems can vary, but the effect on the child is always big. Often, the child stays behind in the cognitive development and / or social-emotional development. The child practices focused with MRT and catches up with their motor skills. It is wonderful to see how this catching up also has a positive effect on their behaviour, concentration and learning disabilities. I love working with these children and to achieve positive results together. Raising awareness of the importance to monitor children in their motor development within primary education remains a priority for me for the future, in addition to my daily work.