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Motor Remedial Teaching

Repairing motor skills, enjoying movement, having fun interacting with others, awareness of skills with the link to cognitive functioning and social and emotional functioning.

MRT and Judo

Carlo Hollants has developed MRT and Judo as a proven method. An impact assessment was carried out thanks to subsidy from the Innovation Fund Youth Care of the province of North Brabant.

Training courses

Regularly, we have the feeling that our children aren’t doing well at school, home, sports or with friends. The child is not comfortable, is able, but has trouble handling.

What say parents

About me


For many years now I have worked as a Motor Remedial Teacher. I practice within the field of primary education and also directly with private clients. On a daily basis, I work with children who are undergoing problems with motor development. These problems can vary, but the effect on the child is always big. Often, the child stays behind in the cognitive development and / or social-emotional development. The child practices focused with MRT and catches up with their motor skills. It is wonderful to see how this catching up also has a positive effect on their behaviour, concentration and learning disabilities. I love working with these children and to achieve positive results together. Raising awareness of the importance to monitor children in their motor development within primary education remains a priority for me for the future, in addition to my daily work.